Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program: Read Beyond the Beaten Path

Saturday, June 4th through Saturday, July 16th

This year’s Summer Reading Program theme is “Read Beyond the Beaten Path.” Experience the wonders of the great outdoors in the comfort of your Library! For every 100 minutes that you read, you’ll get a small prize and be entered into a raffle for a grand prize! (up to 6 prizes).

Anyone from ages 0 to 18 can participate in this year’s program.

Sign up starting Saturday, June 4th.


Sign Up: Summer Reading Notebook
100 Minutes: Compass
200 Minutes: Spork
300 Minutes: Frisbee
400 Minutes: Binoculars
500 Minutes: Flashlight
600 Minutes: Monical’s Pizza Coupon

Come visit the Library to see what this year’s three grand prizes are!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there certain types of books that my child is required to read?

Absolutely not! Books, graphic novels, eBooks and eAudiobooks all count towards the Summer Reading Program.

Can I read more than 600 minutes?

Yes! Please read as much as you would like. However, prizes will only be given up to 600 minutes.

Can my children turn in their minutes after July 16th?

No. Prizes must be redeemed after this date.

My child cannot read by themselves, can they still participate?

Yes! All children from ages 0 to18 are encouraged to participate. If your child cannot read, please read to them instead!

Do we have to wait until the end of the program to redeem our prizes?

No. We encourage you to collect your prizes as you earn them.

Can the prizes be delievered?

No. All prizes must be picked up in person at the Tolono Public Library District.

If you have any questions regarding the Summer Reading Program, please email Rachel Stewart at or call the Library at (217) 485-5558.