MyHeritage is a unique place where families meet online, communicate, share, explore, and preserve their heritage. MyHeritage lets you create your family’s own meeting place on the Internet. Invite your family members to participate in your site where you can share family photos easily and keep track of important family events and more.

You can also download and install Family Tree Builder, which is MyHeritage’s family tree software for the desktop, which has easy-to-use pages that let you grow your family visually.

Getting Started with MyHeritage

To access MyHeritage, you will need to log in with your library card number. Once you have signed in, select MyHeritage Library Edition, which will take you directly to MyHertiage’s website.

Now the fun begins! As a Tolono Public Library District patron, you now have access to over 5 billion historical records from all over the world through MyHeritage.

Help & Support

If you are interested in using MyHeritage and are not sure how to get started, contact Rachel Stewart at or call the Library at (217) 485-5558 to set up an appointment.

For more information about navigating MyHeritage, visit the Help Center page.