Volunteer Opportunities

Support the Tolono Public Library by helping out. Flexible volunteer opportunities are plentiful at the
library. All ages of patrons are encouraged to volunteer. You can sign up for special events; weekly,
monthly, and yearly tasks; or serve as a sub when regular volunteers are unavailable. Examples of weekly
tasks are things such as shelving books, pulling books, or checking one of the three book drop locations. The
library can always use help pulling or shelving books and tidying up shelves. These tasks would typically
be a weekly job, but the library is very flexible. Volunteers working on the weekly or monthly tasks can
typically have the freedom to weave their efforts into what works best for their schedule. Volunteers
interested in special events will typically be asked to be present for that event specifically. If you are
interested in learning more about giving back please contact the library’s volunteer coordinator, Dianne.
She can be reached by calling 217-485-5558 or by email at