Golden Raffle Ticket Schedule



Win Golden Tickets for…

May 6 – 12
Children’s Book Week
Checking out 5 or more books from Juvenile Section

May 13 – 19
Police Week
Checking out any book/movie about police or featuring a character who is in law enforcement

May 17 – 19
Book Sale
Attending the Book Sale

May 20 – 26
Sherlock Holmes
Checking out any book featuring or inspired by Sherlock Holmes

May 26 – June 2
Memorial Day
Checking out a book/movie about soldiers or veterans

June 3 – 9
Teacher Thank You Week
Checking out a book/movie about teachers or featuring a main character as a teacher

June 8
Summer Reading Kickoff Party
Attending the Summer Reading Kickoff Party

June 10 – 16
Superman Week
Checking out 5 graphic novels or 5 superhero books

June 17 – 23
Baseball Week
Checking out a book/movie about baseball or whose main theme is baseball

June 24 – 30
Camping Week
Checking out a book/movie that features a character who goes camping/hiking

July 1 – 7
Celebrate America
Visiting the library wearing red, white, and blue

July 8 – 14
Pet Picture Week
Showing a library clerk a picture of your pet

July 15 – 21
Space Week
Checking out 5 books about space or 2 science fiction books

July 22 – 28
Library Memories
Adding a picture to our memory wall or sharing your favorite Tolono Library memory with the staff

July 28