Display Cases and Bulletin Boards

Display Cases

The library display cases are used primarily for the promotion of library materials, programs, and services, with preference given to library needs. When they are not otherwise reserved, the cases are available for the display of materials from community organizations or personal collects.

  • Organizations wishing to display materials must be non-partisan, preferably with an open membership. Government, health, welfare, educational, and cultural agencies are given preference over special-interest groups. A personal or private collection must be both of interest and acceptable to the general public.
  • The following categories of exhibit material are not permitted: commercial exhibits; partisan political exhibits; and exhibits advocating a position on ballot issues, except library issues. The library reserves the right to approve the content and arrangement of all exhibits.
  • The presence of a particular display in the library does not necessarily indicate that the library either advocates or endorses the viewpoints of exhibits or exhibitors.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, or possible damage or theft to any item, exhibited or displayed. Items are placed on display in the library at the owner’s risk. All exhibitors will sign a form that releases the library from any responsibility for exhibited materials.

Bulletin Board

The Tolono Public library has two bulletin boards located at the entrance of the library. The large bulletin board contains information about the library. The smaller bulletin board (next to the door) is for public use notices. The following criteria are for the public use bulletin board.

  • Items may be posted only by the Tolono Public Library District staff, who will initial and date each item.
  • Only items of an educational, cultural, or public service nature or notices of community events are for posting. Events posted must be open to all.
  • The bulletin board or displays cannot be used for political or personal gain or political, social, and religious viewpoints.
  • Items will remain posted until the event has passed or for a maximum of two weeks. Items will then be discarded.