Adult Department

The Adult Department, located on the east side of the library, has a vast array of books for adults of all ages. This space also offers comfortable seating and table seating for those wishing to do work or tutoring.


Chair with lamp and bookshelvesThe Adult Department has paperback romance, popular fiction, science fiction, and western; as well as fiction, non-fiction, and large print fiction. Check out the Virtual Resources page for more information on electronic adult titles on Cloud Library, and Digital Libraries of Illinois. TPL also has a large selection of audiobooks via CD and Playaway devices. These audio options are great for busy readers. Not everyone has time to sit down with an actual book, but listening to a book can be a very convenient method of “reading.” Audiobooks come in sets of CDs, and a Playaway is a small battery-powered device that only requires a set of earbuds. These options are available to check out for 3 weeks. Adult readers who are interested in stepping into electronic reading options without the purchase of a device should check into our latest technology: Playaway Lock eReaders. These devices are similar to the Kindle Paperwhite. They come preloaded with four to twelve titles per device. The Playaway Lock can be checked out for three weeks at a time.